↱ Statement.

What's make a creative act, how much a process can be manipulated until a turning point? I tend to become part of the tools, to dissolved into the task, to listen what the process has to say by reducing my interventions — actually it's about non doing. My practice unfolded as an ongoing journey, seeking to unravelled any intention, in way to reach fully the empty surface of paper. I let the process and the materials take the lead of the work, it's a free-flowing physical/body experience. My work is based mostly with acrylic and paper. Large sheets of papers with different shapes are used as imprint. I define it, as a universal energy part of the natural forces, evoking rocks stratification, erosion or ice-melting of geologic phenomena.

In the “Flood” series, we can see large blue waves from which emerge figures like icebergs, mountains or abyssal canyons — a new territory is born, where liquid and solid matter dissolved into a single state. The work is formed from some sorts of fluke, followed by a careful selection from a huge quantities of discarded work — trashed materials become (often months later) an inspiration for a new composition.

After several years of exploration, a creative direction has appeared by it self, showing a specific narrative, moving back and forth between abstract and realism according the distance of the viewer with the artwork. At first glance, the artwork shows large blue strokes, as you get closer, the eyes dive into intricate details like rivers streams, waves, fractal biological shapes or geographical representations.

My work does not depict landscapes or any figures per se — it's an expression of a common vital force, an experience about randomness and order. It is a no man's land territory, the land of painting, direct matter on surface. The artworks are like windows, where the viewer can look into the direction of an imaginary horizon, far away to reach his own inner land. A visual meditation to seek greater perspectives beyond the self. Silently an invitation to be totally present.

Tel. 0032 495 21 21 10
EMAIL: nathanhad@gmail.com

↱ About.

Born in Germany, grew up partially in Africa (Algeria), then I moved to Belgium where I live and work now as designer and visual artist.

↱ Exhibition

03.2030: Galerie 55 (solo) exhibition

09.2019: WeAreXL (solo) exhibition

02.2018: CartedeVisite 2018 ARTopenKUNST

09.2017: Group Exhibition Espace Lavallée Brussels.

02.2017: ARTopenKUNST.

10.2016: Group Exhibition Espace Lavallée Brussels.

↱ Education

St-Luc Brussels / Design
St-Benoît Habay-la-Neuve / visual arts

Photo: Isabelle Mertens

↱ Solo Exhibition during WeArtXL 2019 art show  (photo: Sandi Macharis)

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